Marcos Alcozer

Marcos Alcozer is the Project Director for the Data Viz Starter Pack. Marcos is passionate about helping schools implement technology & data systems that are low lift, easy to understand, but powerful. When it comes to data in schools, he leads the effort to distill down what can often be a complex process and turn it into a well documented program that can empower others to become data analysts for their organization.

Previously he was the founding Director of Technology at Intrinsic Schools, a high performing 7 to 12th grade school on the Northwest side of Chicago focusing on blended and personalized learning. At Intrinsic Marcos helped to turn an old lumber yard into a thriving community school with 1:1 technology, a robust data process, and happy teachers and students. Prior to that, he was the Technology Coordinator at Northside College Prep High School, a top-ranking school in Chicago Public Schools.

Throughout all of his work with technology and data in schools Marcos has also helped support youth leadership programs in Chicago. He has helped to create green spaces in Chicago Public Schools and community sites.