At DataViz Starter Pack, our focus is always on growth.

What differentiates us from other data visualization solutions lies in our belief that data analysts should receive ongoing support, have an understanding of our process and be part of a community.

Instead of just handing data analysts an end product or providing a one-time professional development (PD) session, the DataViz Starter Pack team guides data analysts in building their dashboards that are most meaningful for their stakeholders. Through video chats and online discussions, data analysts are given opportunities to learn, practice and expand their skills.

DataViz Starter Pack also hosts an annual convening to gather our data analysts from across the country to learn and share ideas with each other. We publish blogs, videos and webinars covering topics that may be beneficial to all data analysts.

Some of our data analysts have went on to create various types of dashboards ranging from a School Profile, which provides an overview of a school’s student demographics, a Grade Distribution that allows staff to view a student’s progress across all subjects to NWEA MAP, that among other things, captures students growth on various assessments.