Google Cloud

We leverage all parts of your Google Cloud to pull data from your student information system, edTech apps, and assessment platforms. You learn how every piece was architected and put together so you can grow in your work. You make the call whether you want to let the infrastructure run and do its thing, or dig deeper to customize further to meet your needs.

Data sets

The scripting library and tools above builds out data sets in Google Sheets that refresh on a schedule decided by you. This way you will always be reporting on current data and information. These data sets are consistent across all schools in the program so you can ask questions and share ideas with your peers using a common language. DataViz Starter Pack can also store data in a SQL database if you operate in a larger district.

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DataViz Starter Pack comes with a reporting library that covers all key areas of your school: academics, assessment, attendance, demographics, and discipline. These reports are connected to the data sets above and refresh as the data refreshes. All reports are created in Google Data Studio, a free business intelligence reporting tool built by Google.