Looking for our 2nd cohort!


Our first year has been a tremendous success. Cohort 1 consists of 12 districts that represents 42 schools and 16,000 students. We’ve built out a data infrastructure for each district connecting their key data systems to Google Data Studio and are now helping to build out, pilot, and launch their report library. We’re flying them all into Chicago next month for a two day deep dive into the work and are excited for where we are headed.

In a few months we will selecting the districts for our 2nd cohort. Cohort 2 will be much smaller in size, but will benefit from having so many districts in the first cohort who have been through a year in the program and ready to support.


As we look to see if a district is a good fit for the Starter Pack we are thinking about a few things.

  • Community is the strongest piece of this work. Cohort 2 districts will commit to meeting with our team weekly for 45 minutes to check in to see where we can help and support. We expect our districts to be active on Slack, occasional group Google Hangouts, and able to attend two in person convenings a year.

  • Cohort 1 is heavily charter. Our aim is to build a diverse portfolio of schools in the Starter Pack. If you’re non-charter, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Cohort 1 districts use PowerSchool, Illuminate, Cortex, eSchool Plus, Skyward, and Aspen as their student information systems (SIS). Bringing in districts that use the same would give our cohort 1 districts thought partners as they work to ensure they are using their SIS with fidelity.

  • Historically we’ve only taken districts with a student enrollment that is under 3,000. However, we are open to being challenged here if you think we should expand that.

  • We like it when an interested district has completed our Data Studio tutorial and has emailed us what they think of it. Google Data Studio is the tool used by our data analysts to build reports and data dashboards.


Cohort 2 will be selected early May and enter the program next school year. We plan to onboard districts November - December. During this time we will build out the base data infrastructure in Google Cloud and work with our districts to integrate their key data system into Google Data Studio. Analysts will then spend the remaining of the year building out their report library, piloting with select staff, and getting ready for a full rollout the following year.

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Marcos Alcozer