We have our pilot schools!


Data Viz Starter Pack kicked off at the beginning of the school year and only a few months later we are happy to say that we have our first batch of schools for the 2018-2019 school year! We are very excited to be able to work with the schools in our program to setup the structures and processes to help their teams create data dashboards that illuminate the work that their community does each and every day. From the beginning, this has been a program that seeks to highlight the data analyst in an organization and works to accelerate their growth around this work.


It has been incredible watching our first integrations come together and to have this blog as a vehicle to explain how we approached building them. We maintain starter templates for each integration. When we work with a school to connect their data into Google Data Studio, we copy that template into their Google Cloud instance and tweak it to meet their needs.

We’ve built integrations for numerous student information systems and edTech applications already and we always have new integrations in the works. We are currently looking at DeansList, Clever, Aspen SIS, and Ed-Fi.

What’s next

After we have a few integrations in place for our schools, we will move into a process where we help them draw out a diagram of all systems in play at their organization. We will work with them to write down all SIS, edTech, assessment, etc systems that they use so we can understand the lay of the land. This diagram will detail out how data is flowing for both analytical needs and rostering needs. From there we will begin conversations around data governance. Specifically, what are the processes and structures that are in place to ensure high quality, dependable, and accurate data for their organization.

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Marcos Alcozer