PSA: Chart Interactions come to Google Data Studio


We follow Google Data Studio very closely. It is a young product that iterates rapidly. When a new feature is released that we believe will make a data person’s life better, we want to tell you about it. Google has added chart interactions to Data Studio. Check it out:

Clicking on column causes a filter to be applied to the data table below.

Our Grade Distribution report has a column chart that shows the distribution of gradebook grades. Below that we include a detailed data table so you review the data on the student level. Previously, clicking on the chart would not cause an action. Thanks to chart interactions you can now tell Data Studio to apply a filter when a column in clicked on. To enable this for a chart:

  1. Select the chart in your report

  2. School to the bottom of the DATA panel along the right side

  3. Select Apply filter under Interactions

Click here to see the official Google help page detailing the new feature.