Architecting our ST Math integration


ST Math is a popular Math program in blended learning schools. ST Math works to build a student’s conceptual understanding of Math through visual problem solving. Students are given puzzles with their mascot, JiJi, at the center of them. While they do not have an API for easy data export, they do push CSV files to a SFTP server that they host. Specifically, they can push 4 CSV files nightly. You can find the data spec here.

When we build our edTech integrations we look to leverage parts of Google Cloud that do not have a high cost attached to them and we lean on serverless solutions when possible.

Our integration works as follows:

  • A Google Cloud Function is added to the school’s Google Cloud environment. The Cloud Function exposes a protected API endpoint that when hit, connects to the school’s SFTP server to fetch and return the appropriate file exports.

  • A Google Apps Script hits the API endpoint to retrieve the CSV files mentioned above. The CSV files are then passed on to Google Sheets

  • We schedule the Google Sheet to refresh on a schedule you define. Google Apps Script also adds a menu to the Google Sheet so you can refresh the data manually right from the Sheet.

Marcos Alcozer