Are you a good fit for the Starter Pack?


Responses to the Starter Pack have been absolutely fantastic! We at InnovateEDU are elated by the response. While discussing the program with folks at various organizations we often get asked, “What does your ideal school or district look like?” People want to help spread the good word of the Starter Pack and it has helped to have a certain user profile in mind when thinking through which schools to connect us with. We should first mention that one requirement of the program is the school or district needs to identify a sole stakeholder in this work. This could be a full time data analyst or it could be a staff member who wears many hats. The important part is that the school or district has identified the person who owns the data work in their organization. Having said that, we think the Starter Pack works well for two types of individuals.


This is a person who is new to working with data. This may be a teacher or staff member who has been given the data analyst role because they can be dangerous with a Google Sheet. This person would receive our data sets and all base reports in our report library. This foundation would give them everything needed to hit the ground running in terms of looking at reports with other staff members in their organization. They can immediately provide reports to the academic team that looks at grade distribution or an intervention team that focuses on chronic truancy. While this is happening, the data analyst is progressing through our Codelabs so they can become familiar with Google Data Studio, the data visualization tool we have selected for our reporting environment. Starting with a solid base of reports means that as they become familiar with Data Studio they can modify pieces of the existing report library to further meet the needs of their organization. When comfortable, they can begin building additional reports that use the Starter Pack provided data sets.


This is a person who is already creating reports and data visualizations for their organization, but is looking to simplify their process. The Starter Pack solves one of the most difficult aspects of a data analyst’s job, getting access to the data in a useful format. We will give them a Data Studio instance already configured with our data sets as usable data sources. This will allow them to dive right in and start creating reports that impact their organization and refresh regularly.

The Starter Pack solves one of the most difficult aspects of a data analyst’s job, getting access to the data in a useful format.

The data analyst can use our report library for inspiration and take the ones that appeal to their organization. As a person who has worked with data before, they will help define the growth of the data sets as we look to expand and tweak them so they are helpful toward building reports in all areas that matter to a school. For smaller districts that already have an experienced data analyst, we see the Starter Pack as great middleware that can save a ton of time and energy when it comes to bringing data together.

We hope that helps you envision what type of school or organization would be a good fit for the Data Viz Starter Pack. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more or send us a message directly on Facebook!

Marcos Alcozer