Architecting our NWEA MAP integration


Many schools use NWEA MAP to track student growth over time as well as to plan future instruction and student groupings. Our NWEA MAP integration extracts your MAP data from NWEA and pushes it to Google Sheets. NWEA has a Data Export Scheduler page where you can export a ZIP file consisting of up to 5 CSV containing various data. We leverage that scheduler to refresh the data exports nightly and then schedule our scripts to pull from there. The following 5 exports are available:

  • StudentBySchool.csv—Student-to-school associations

  • AssessmentResults.csv—All valid assessment results for students in the specified term

  • ClassAssignments.csv—Student-to-teacher and class associations

  • ProgramAssignments.csv—Student-to-program associations

  • AccommodationAssignment.csv—Test accommodations associated with the exported test events

Google Apps Script

Similar to our Summit Learning integration, we leverage Google Apps Script to pull down the ZIP file, extract it, and load the CSV data into Google Sheets. Apps Script has worked well for us due to it being a serverless environment, the ability to schedule scripts to run automatically, and the ability to tie into Google Sheets allowing us to add a custom menu so the data can be refreshed from the Sheet itself.

Reports in Google Data Studio can include multiple data sources in a report. They can also be blended together. In this case you can blend NWEA data on the student ID field with one of our SIS data sets such as the Student Demographics & Enrollment data set. This will bring in additional fields such as student name, gender, and grade level to the assessment results data. If you need a quick tutorial on using Google Data Studio, check out our Codelab!

Marcos Alcozer