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Over the years, there has been a lot of emphasis on utilizing data to improve teaching and learning within the education sector. However, many school districts are often burdened with the cost and time it takes to properly implement an effective data reporting and visualization process. DataViz Starter Pack, a project championed by InnovatedEDU and grown out of Data Whiz, was created to tackle this challenge.

DataViz is a data visualization library with all the essential reports so your school can hit the ground running, a reporting toolset so you can expand the library, and a resource library to help the person you designate learn the things needed to become a data analyst. DataViz comes with everything necessary to give you a suite of reports in all key areas of your school: academics, assessment, attendance, demographics, and discipline.

DataViz is powered by Landing Zone, a managed Ed-Fi service provided by InnovateEDU that brings all the education data that’s most important to you together, in one place. We've distilled down the best data practices seen in education into a reporting toolset that will allow schools to get started with making data visualization an integral piece of their organization.

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Using Landing Zone, a managed Ed-Fi service provided by InnovateEDU, we pull data in from your student information system, edTech apps, and assessment platforms so it lives in one place. A few of the edTech platforms we pull from are NWEA MAP, Summit Learning, Illuminate Assessments, Canvas LMS, MasteryConnect, and Kickboard. We layout the tools that allow for data movement to happen and show you how to use them.

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Your school is given access to a library of reports that look at all key areas of a school. We work with you to recreate any of these reports in your Google Data Studio instance.

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This is where the focus is put on YOU. DataViz takes a staff member at an organization and grows them to be a data analyst. We introduce you to a community of learners using our starter pack and we all grow together.

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